Our business is a commitment to care.

Being there for customers during good times is one thing. It’s when we face a challenge, such as the COVID-19 global pandemic, that it becomes clear which companies have prepared for every scenario and are focused on those they serve first and foremost.

OneAmerica is built to thrive under any circumstance. We are rated in the top 9% of our peers for financial strength.* Our proven record of success includes an investment portfolio that outperformed other life insurance and retirement services companies during the 2008–2010 financial crisis.

Serving you is our primary purpose. As a mutual organization we don’t have shareholders and are free to focus on customers. All of our profits are reinvested into the business to enable us to service you better and deliver the long-term financial strength you count on.

Our mission is to provide great products, exceptional service and relationships you can depend on for a lifetime. That’s why we are proactive in how we prepare for a crisis. We developed and rehearsed an organization-wide detailed pandemic response plan long before COVID-19 ever became a reality.

This type of preparation and forethought is what enabled us to remain fully operational for business at the height of the outbreak. Today 98% of our workforce continues safely serving you from home, with service levels generally at or above our standards.

This annual report is filled with examples of OneAmerica being there for you during 2019. We paid out more than $6 billion in benefits last year, and I expect we’ll pay out even more in 2020. We’re proud to do it because it’s our job to be there when you need us most.

Thank you for your trust in us. Wishing you continued safety and wellness.


*Calculated by OneAmerica based on data provided by SNL Financial as of 1/31/20.

J. Scott Davison, CLU, ChFC
OneAmerica Chairman, President and CEO