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Long-Term Care protection studies

Long-Term Care protection studies

Long-Term Care protection

As life expectancy continues to increase, many older Americans worry they’ll one day become a financial burden to the people they love most. Long-term care protection can help ease the burden on your family members and put you on the road to protecting your legacy.

Asset-based long-term care protection

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to educating yourself about the valuable protection provided by asset-based long-term care (LTC) products.

You’ve worked hard to accumulate assets — a nice home, a solid financial portfolio — to enjoy now and leave as a legacy for the ones you love. If you have to tap these assets to pay for an unexpected LTC event, they can be nearly impossible to rebuild and are no longer a viable gift.

It may be difficult to think about a possible need for LTC. But when you take steps now to plan for the future and the changes it will bring you can maintain control of your choices, retain your independence longer, preserve your dignity and provide for your loved ones.

Our latest concept report

Planning for Every Possibility discusses the effects of a long-term care event on a person’s retirement income, the funding options available and how asset-based LTC protection can offer more value. Three different potential outcomes are presented for a 65-year-old couple and a 50-year old couple experiencing a mild or severe event: self-funding; health-based LTC insurance; and asset-based LTC insurance. See the concept report for your state below (states without links have not yet been approved):

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Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
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Check out the information below, and see how adding an asset-based long-term care product to your overall financial strategy can help protect yourself, your loved ones and your retirement.

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