Intern Profiles

Intern Profiles


School: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Major: Industrial/Organization Psychology (Graduate)

OneAmerica Dept.: Talent Management, Human Resources

What should an intern bring on their first day? A plant. My co-workers had them, and I never did. I would have loved having a plant on my desk.

Best part of your internship: The opportunity to meet people in other areas and see how many moving parts there are in a bigger organization. Being able to offer best practices and apply my skills was important.

Describe OneAmerica culture in one word: Process-oriented. With OneAmerica Ways, we are focused on doing work in consistent and repeatable ways.

Best piece of advice you were given during your internship? Interns are not expected to be the experts. They are expected to help out wherever they are needed.

A skill you acquired or grew during your internship: Project management involving multiple teams. Learning how to coordinate tasks and responsibilities when you are sitting in different areas of the business.

If your department was a TV show, movie or song, what would it be and why? “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” by Jimmy Cliff. The song is about creating a harmonious environment with a group of people of different backgrounds. I think it is a happy song, and all the associates in Human Resources seem cheery, genuine and fun.

What tip would you give to those interviewing for internships next summer? Be sure the fit between you and the role is congruent, and that the relationship will be valuable for you and the company. Ask about projects you will be working on.

  • Bhavya
  • Brad
  • Kendall
  • Josh
  • LauraJane
  • Michael
  • Molly
  • Vedant

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