Intern Profiles

Intern Profiles


School: New York University

Major: Real Estate

OneAmerica Dept.: Commercial Mortgage Loans, Investment

What should an intern bring on their first day? A bag or backpack for folders and other items. You will receive a number of things that you will want to keep close for the entire internship.

Best part of your internship: I really liked working with everyone. I had a chance to work with three departments, and that rotational aspect really made a difference in giving me a more complete picture of this job.

A skill you acquired or grew during your internship: Practice in using Excel and working on market research.

Describe OneAmerica culture in one word: Nice. Everyone was very helpful.

Best piece of advice you were given during your internship? If you have questions, ask them. Better to ask questions then stay confused and do something wrong.

If your department was a TV show, movie or song, what would it be and why? It would be a cooking show. Everyone likes to cook and there’s always food in the office.

What tip would you give to those interviewing for internships next summer? When you come into the interview, be prepared to talk about and highlight what you know and what you’ve learned in college. Don’t pretend you have knowledge in something else.

  • Bhavya
  • Brad
  • Kendall
  • Josh
  • LauraJane
  • Michael
  • Molly
  • Vedant

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