Intern Profiles

Intern Profiles


School: Franklin College

Major: Finance

OneAmerica Dept.: Finance, Individual Life and Financial Services

What should an intern bring on their first day? Notepad. There are a lot of small details to write down.

Best part of your internship: Meeting the other interns. In my past internship, there were only two or three other interns. So, to work with 20 other people was a fun experience.

Describe OneAmerica culture in one word: Food. OneAmerica loves to celebrate and loves any excuse to celebrate with food. Someone adopts a dog, we celebrate.

Best piece of advice you were given during your internship? Just try something. If it goes wrong, then someone will help you fix it. You’re not going to break anything.

A skill you acquired or grew during your internship: Data analytics.

If your department was a TV show, movie or song, what would it be and why? The Office. It’s a beautiful balance of comedy, awkward and efficiency. No Michaels on this team, though!

What tip would you give to those interviewing for internships next summer? Be confident in the interview and confident when you are hired. You were chosen for a reason.

  • Bhavya
  • Brad
  • Kendall
  • Josh
  • LauraJane
  • Michael
  • Molly
  • Vedant

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