Intern Profiles

Intern Profiles


School: Notre Dame

Major: Finance

OneAmerica Dept.: Finance, Retirement Services (RS)

What should an intern bring on their first day? Notepad, even though they give you one. You will be on the receiving end of a lot of information, like drinking from a firehose.

Best part of your internship: Interacting with associates beyond the Retirement Services department and seeing how they collaborate with each other.

A skill you acquired or grew during your internship: More practical application of Excel skills I had coming into the internship. Practicing soft skills in a corporate setting, like holding a meeting or simply sending an email and thinking of right words to use.

Describe OneAmerica culture in one word: Collaborative. Interaction within the RS department and also the other departments.

Best piece of advice you were given during your internship? When working on a project, think about if there something’s you’re doing manually that could be automated.

If your department was a TV show, movie or song, what would it be and why? "For the Love of Money: by the O’Jays. The RS finance team is dealing every day with money and expenses.

What tip would you give to those interviewing for internships next summer? Just be yourself. Candidates might try to act like the type of candidate they think a company is looking for, but highlight the unique value you can add to the role.

  • Bhavya
  • Brad
  • Kendall
  • Josh
  • LauraJane
  • Michael
  • Molly
  • Vedant

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