Policy Service Request

Use online forms to initiate these policy updates and requests.

  • Beneficiary change: Update your beneficiary or modify an existing beneficiary designation (for example, change the percentage or the beneficiary's name).
  • Name change: Update the name of the owner, insured or payor on your policy.
  • Address change: Update the address of an owner, insured or payor on your policy.
  • Bank Draft Authorization change: Begin paying monthly premiums electronically from your bank account, or to change information regarding your existing electronic payment.
  • Dividend option change: How to make a change on the dividend option currently selected on your policy.
  • Non-forfeiture option change: How to make a change to the current non-forfeiture option of your policy.
  • Premium mode change: How to make a change to the frequency of your premium payment to monthly bank draft or to quarterly, semi-annual or annual direct billing.
  • Request for Dividends: How to make a dividend disbursement.
  • Request for Information: How to request general information regarding your policy.
  • Request for Policy Loan: How to make a request for a loan from your policy. Note: Loans reduce both the cash value and death benefit and if not repaid, could eventually lead to a premature lapse of coverage. Interest, if not paid, will be added to the balance of the loan. Refer to your policy loan provisions for additional information. If your policy is a modified endowment contract (MEC), your loan may be considered a taxable event.
  • eCheck Premium Authorization: If you want to make a one-time payment electronically from your bank account. The form must be completed by the bank account holder.

Start the Policy Request Process

Note: After clicking 'Start the Policy Request Process' link, you will be directed to a page that contains a 'Policy Service Request' button. Select that button to continue.

For additional services please call our Policy Service Team at 1-800-537-6442.