Enjoy Retirement

Enjoy Retirement

Maintain Your Retirement Lifestyle for the Long Term

You may no longer earn a paycheck, but your assets can still work for you — invest your retirement principal, anticipate retirement expenses and prepare for long-term care. Learn how to distribute and use your retirement investments, life insurance policies and savings so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you choose for the long term.

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What is
Long-Term Care?

What is Long-Term Care?

For many people long-term care is synonymous with living in a nursing home. Actually, there are more options than ever.


5 Ways to Prepare
for Retirement

5 Ways to Prepare for Retirement

As you move from thinking about building your retirement income strategy and closer toward using it, there are ways to prepare yourself.


How Asset-Based Long-Term Care Works

How asset-based long-term care works

Currently more than 70 percent of people over the age of 65 will need long-term care in their lifetime. Who would take care of you?


Enjoying the Good Life in Retirement

Enjoying the Good Life

You’ve entered your retirement and are ready to start a new chapter in your personal life. It’s a new chapter financially, too.


Benchmarks in
Retirement Start at 50

Benchmarks in retirement start at 50

As you add birthdays your plans can change. More you can put into retirement plans, when you can take funds without fees, more.


Asset-Based Long-Term Care vs. LTC Insurance

Asset-Based Long-Term Care vs. LTC Insurance

To get the kind of long-term care you desire, plan ahead for home health care, assisted living and nursing home care.


NOTES: Provided content is for overview and informational purposes only and is not intended as tax, legal, fiduciary, or investment advice


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