Intentional Steps to Listen, Learn and Act

Every individual deserves to be respected and valued for who they are. Period. We are saddened, angered and frustrated that brutality, racism and hurt continue to tear our communities apart.

The OneAmerica® Commitment to Diversity, EQUITY and Inclusion

OneAmerica® is more than the name of our company. It’s what we’re working to build through our reliance on strong relationships and our vision of being there for those who need us.

Diversity of all types, at all levels and across all facets of our business makes us stronger, more innovative, resilient and competitive.

At OneAmerica, we’re focused on maintaining a vibrant workforce of diverse individuals, united and enriched through our Empowerment with Accountability culture. And, as a values-based provider in the financial services industry, we’re uniquely positioned to drive economic empowerment and equality for all our stakeholders, especially those in underserved communities.

The OneAmerica diversity, equity and inclusion strategy is informed by key collaborations, including with the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) and The American College of Financial Services (TAC). Together, we’re taking concrete steps to create pathways to:

  • Workforce and career development
  • An inclusive workplace and culture
  • Increased economic empowerment
  • Expanded access to affordable financial security and protection

OneAmerica® is the marketing name for the companies of OneAmerica.

The 2020 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis — part of a long list of tragedies and injustices that remind us that people of color carry a heavy and unique burden every day of their lives — spurred us to consider anew how best to support our colleagues and communities.

We became even more intentional about advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace, industry and the places where we live and work.

Our approach is to listen, learn and act. And our operating principles are:

  • Recognize past injustices and inequities as important context and inspiration for action.
  • Refrain from assigning blame; instead, create opportunities to learn together.
  • Challenge bias and inspire change by engaging with one another to seek feedback and clarity.
  • Relentlessly innovate; continue to learn, reflect and adjust.

In the second half of 2020, we conducted multiple listening sessions with our employees, to better understand their experiences and perspectives. In particular, my leadership team and I took time to be present with our Black colleagues, allowing them to share their pain and frustration without correction or counterpoint.

In addition, we’ve increased our participation in community and industry efforts to listen, learn and act to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. The box that accompanies this message highlights our focus areas.

Our approach extends broadly to our customers, distribution partners and community partners. We’re making meaningful progress by creating a culture of inclusivity that starts with our employees and extends to our clients and communities.

I’m proud of our progress in becoming a more diverse, inclusive and caring company.* But we know we must do more. We’re committed to this journey — to getting ever better at real progress to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

We stand united. We are ALL OneAmerica.

Digital signature of Scott Davidson

Scott Davison
OneAmerica Chairman, President and CEO

* Of our last six additions to the OneAmerica board of directors, half were people of color and half were women. Among our executive ranks, we have increased the percentage of people of color by 580% and the percentage of women by 65% during the last five years. We have doubled our investments in innovative community-based programs that address such root causes of racism and inequality as poverty, education and access to jobs. Every OneAmerica employee has the opportunity to earn a living wage of $18 an hour in total cash compensation, plus strong health and retirement benefits.