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Variable Annuities

Variable Annuities

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Control Your Investments for Higher Value Potential

The companies of OneAmerica® offer a range of annuities, including variable annuities. Ask your financial professional about variable annuities if you want:

  • Potentially aggressive growth — Choose from dozens of investment options, allowing you to experience market gains as well as exposure to risk
  • Tax-deferred growth — You won’t pay taxes on accumulated assets until you withdraw the funds

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Invest in a Variable Annuity Today

Make variable annuities part of your retirement strategy at any point during your life. Variable annuities have the potential to grow more aggressively than fixed annuities with additional risk. Explore these additional details, or get help choosing a variable annuity when you contact a financial professional.

  • Transfer existing assets or start fresh
  • Purchase as early in life as you can to accumulate potentially greater value
  • Invest for the longer-term to weather market ups and downs
  • Options exist to make funds available penalty free for unexpected health-related needs
  • Customize your policy to address your individual needs. Contract fees waived on accounts of $50,000 or greater*


*Policy form numbers: NLIVA99, IVA2007,  NLIVA99(OR), IVA2007(OR)

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

A financial professional can help you select from the variety of variable annuities offered by the companies of OneAmerica. Consider making variable annuities part of your financial strategy if you want to:

  • Start building a nest egg for retirement
  • Aggressively catch up on your retirement strategy by taking advantage of bullish markets (also subject to risk of bearish markets)
  • Set aside and potentially grow assets that you can use for nursing home services or other long-term care if necessary
  • Have the ability to transfer from one investment option to another, offered within the annuity, without paying withdrawal charges or income taxes

Stay Actively Involved

Visit our financial education pages to learn more about developing a financial strategy. If you already have a variable annuity with the companies of OneAmerica, stay actively involved in your financial strategy by contacting your financial professional or .

  • Realign your financial strategy to keep your goals within reach
  • Manage the investment portfolio for your annuity
  • Access some or all of the account value for your annuity
  • Use online forms to change your name, address and beneficiaries

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Securities offered through OneAmerica Securities, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC, a Registered Investment Advisor, 433 N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204, (877)-285-3863, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL).

Variable products are sold by prospectus. Both the product prospectus and underlying fund prospectuses can be obtained from your investment professional or by writing to 433 N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204, 1-800-249-6269.  Before investing, carefully consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. The product prospectus and underlying fund prospectus contain this and other important information. Read the prospectuses carefully before investing.

Any investment involves risk and there is no assurance that the investment objective of any investment option will be achieved. Before investing, understand that variable annuities are subject to market risk, including possible loss of principal.


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